Choosing the Right Dinette Set for Your Home

Apr 1, 2021 | Blog

Choosing the perfect dinette set for your home is arguably more important than choosing a table and chairs for your formal dining room. Suited for a smaller dining space, dinette sets are meant for casual dining areas where you typically eat the majority of your meals and spend time with family and loved ones. There’s no question that whatever dinette set you choose, you’ll want to love it!

While you should always consider important things like budget, seating, and space before you think about other elements of your dinette set, there are other factors you should think about that will help you make a decision. Here are some tips on choosing the right dinette set for your home:

  • Go Big! One of the biggest mistakes people make is they buy a table that is actually too small for the number of people they want to sit. Though you definitely want the dinette set to fit comfortably in the room you’re putting it in, you also want to make sure there is enough surface area for each person at the table. However many people usually sit at your table, maybe account for a little extra space per person to guarantee no one is cramped.
  • Leave a Little Space. With that being said, don’t get a dinner table that is so big that you can’t comfortably get in and out of your chair. Generally speaking, try to leave at least 3 feet of clearance space behind each chair so that you and your guests can get up from the table without it being a hassle.
  • Shape. The shape is a very important thing to consider when picking out a table. Square and rectangular shapes are the most commonly used, and they can fit a large number of people comfortably in a standard-sized, rectangular-shaped dining room. If you are short on space, however, you may want to consider a circle or oval-shaped table, which can fit many people with a lot of surface area in tight spaces. Circles and ovals are also great for parties since there is no technical “head” of the table.
  • Legs. If you’re tight on space but looking to seat a lot of people, pay close attention to the legs on the tables you’re looking at. The placement of the legs can interfere with not only the comfortability of the table but also how many people can sit at the table. For example, 4-leg and pedestal-style frames can more easily fit extra chairs at the table, whereas trestle frames may not accommodate people sitting at the end of the table.
  • Materials. Consider your lifestyle when you’re choosing what material you want your dinette set to be made of. Wood-laminate or veneer tables are durable, but they tend not to last very long. Stone tables are very durable and long-lasting but can run up your budget quickly. Glass tables tend to chip easily, so if you have pets or children, this may not be the table for you. Materials can also define the style and aesthetic of the room you’re going for: metal tables can look more modern yet rustic, wood tables can look more farmhouse style, and stone and marble look very luxe.

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