Choosing The Right Dining Table For Your Home

Sep 20, 2021 | Blog

The dining area of your home should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, and finding that perfect balance is something Pies Lockport Furniture can help you achieve. But, with so many different choices, how can you determine which style and size work best for where you gather for dinner?

Before diving into the various styles of dining tables you can find in stock at Pies Lockport Furniture, you must consider your dining room itself. Do you have a home with a formal dining room, or is this something you’ve established in an area of your kitchen?

Either way, the dining room table truly becomes the focal point of the space. Whether it’s your immediate family or a gathering of friends, this piece of furniture will be utilized for many get-togethers. Therefore, which of its elements matter the most?

Size Matters A lot

When first taking that audit of your dining room itself, how big is it? A rough estimate isn’t enough; how much space do you have in square feet? This will give you a good idea of how wide of a dining room table you should consider.

Customers who consult with the experts at Pies Lockport Furniture experts have a preconceived notion that they must have a smaller table to leave enough room around it for guests to move. The extra room behind your seated guests can be great; however, that could come at the cost of having less elbow room at the table, where it matters.

Both rounded corners versus right angle edges have aesthetic and size functionality behind them as well. For example, rounded dining room tables are not smaller than rectangular ones; however, they give the illusion that they are, which can psychologically help guests feel they have more space, both when seated and getting up.

Choosing The Correct Style

Style is as subjective as most other aesthetic characteristics of furniture. This is frequently rooted in your personal preference but should also be considered in relation to the feel and design of your dining area.

The material that your dining room table is composed of also falls into the style category. For example, wood usually gives a warm tone to a room, whereas stone or marble are more contemporary and cool, temperature-wise.

Then there is the debate of shape. As mentioned above, rounded versus rectangular impacts the actual and perceived size; however, it also plays a part in style. For example, if you have a designated dining room, rounded tables can help contour the square nature of said space. However, a rectangular table better fills the space of an improvised dining area in an open concept home.

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