How to Create More Space in Your Home

Oct 25, 2021 | Blog

Owning a home is like owning your very own piece of the world; whether you own a large or smaller home, everyone likes to maximize their space and make the most of it. While you might instantly think you have to start getting rid of items to make more space, you can establish order and more space around every corner with your furniture choices and decor. 

Here are some tips to consider. 

Balance Your Furniture

Instead of removing furniture to make it appear roomier, keep your home’s layout and feel by adding unexpected pieces in appropriate spots. Try not to overdo it with the amount or size where navigating becomes difficult; look for a balance between large items and more functional ones, such as shelving and storage pieces. 

Consider an Ottoman with Storage

You can get creative and make your home feel like a whole new place with the right ottoman. The perfect solution for anyone who wants to optimize space is an ottoman with storage to store blankets, books, even the remote control! In addition, ottomans provide extra seating if you entertain and extra storage to keep your clutter under wraps. 

Maximize Kitchen Space

A smaller kitchen can be a challenge to work in, especially if you have limited storage space. Try adding vertical shelving and extra cooking equipment that will maximize the amount of usable surface area for your food prep needs! There are plenty of stylish dinette sets available at Pies Lockport Furniture, so no matter what style or color scheme catches our eye, we’ll find something perfect to add to your décor. 

Keep Windows Open

By opening up your windows and drawing in more sunlight, you’ll be able to brighten any room with an open layout by adding light and happiness! If there are hard-surfaced walls or ceilings without insulation, this will also help keep it cool during hot seasons and make for some good views on those warm summer days. We all want our homes to feel spacious, even if they’re not too large inside. Keeping your windows open without heavy or dark window treatments is one efficient way to maximize your space. 

Don’t go small 

In a small space, it’s essential to think outside the box and utilize every inch of your home. You can do this by using normal-size furniture for those with smaller living areas because they will give off an airy feel instead of feeling cramped or confining.

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