Holiday Decorating Ideas for your Home

Nov 23, 2021 | Blog

The holiday season is a time of celebration, family, and friends. It’s also a time when we reflect on what we’re grateful for in the past year and look forward to what comes next. One way to make your home feel more festive during this special time is with decorations. We’ve put together some ideas for you that will help bring the magic of the holidays into your home without breaking the bank.

Bring nature indoors

Honoring the season with a bit of nature is always an elegant choice. For those looking to add extra creativity, consider using greenery as your mantle decoration and tying ribbons ornaments in between for some color separation while still staying understated rather than going overboard by choosing traditional Christmas colors like reds, greens, etc.

Traditional decor is popular again

Instead of hanging stockings on the mantel, try mini Christmas figurines. Do you have an old collection that’s been sitting in storage, maybe a collection you inherited? Time to bring them out and display them! You can keep collecting your miniatures, so one day soon enough, there’ll be an entire village.

Don’t forget the wrapping

Coordinate your gift wrapping to compliment the colors of your living room since gifts are often displayed underneath a tree, and you can use it in decorating right below where they’re left out. Try tying together all aspects with similar techniques for ornaments – including those on top.

Add festive bells

The banisters of houses are often tricky for homeowners who want them decorated. One way is by stringing together red decorations, like paper bells or berries with fishing line.

Add layers

There are many ways to decorate your table. Hang oversized snowflakes from the ceiling using fishing wire, then build up with tall candlesticks and other objects that will add height on both sides of it for all those layers! You can also use garland curtains or branches around berries for extra depth.

Pops of color

For a modern twist on traditional Christmas decor, choose an accent color that will tie it all together and add some flare. Consider pops of sky blue or teal for something more dramatic and sophisticated–or even pink if you’re feeling daring!

These are just some of the many creative ways to add color and festive spirit to your home decor this holiday season. Pies Lockport Furniture has been serving the Lockport and the surrounding Western New York Towns and Communities for more than 97 years. We are a family-owned & -operated local furniture store; committed to selling quality home furniture at affordable prices with a personal touch!

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