Why It’s Important to Shop Local for Furniture

Nov 11, 2021 | Blog

The furniture industry is a $100 billion industry in the United States. Furniture retailers are getting bigger and more powerful, which has caused smaller businesses to struggle and close their doors. When you shop local for furniture it not only supports your community but also helps keep jobs in your area. Buying locally-made products reduce our carbon footprint by reducing transportation emissions and using less energy when transporting goods across the country or world. 

There are many benefits of shopping local for you as a consumer, but the most important is that you get personalized service from someone who cares about what they do. Here are other reasons to consider shopping locally. 

It benefits the local economy.

When you purchase locally, the money stays in your community and helps grow other businesses as well. Buying from a company with deep roots is better than purchasing nationally, where they might not be so loyal to their customers’ needs or desires.

Creates more local jobs

A business’s success depends largely upon its proximity to customers who live within walking distance or otherwise close quarters, which saves fuel costs because there is no need for them to commute as far. 

They have an investment in the community

Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community, and because of that, they’re less likely to leave. Plus, these local business owners care deeply about making sure their community thrives.

These are just some of the many benefits of shopping locally. Pies Lockport Furniture has been serving the Lockport and the surrounding Western New York Towns and Communities for more than 97 years. We are a family-owned & -operated local furniture store; committed to selling quality home furniture at affordable prices with a personal touch!

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